Theory of change

What does The Theory Of Change mean? The change part of the concept represents the change, i.e., the alteration an institution or organization desires to make in the world. The theory part stands for the process that will allow the desired change to take place. Leaders or teams create a strategic plan with the various changes that need to happen and the structured actions needed to reach these goals or changes.

In today’s technology-driven world, if your process to achieve change doesn’t include the adoption of technological systems, you will fall alarmingly behind. The truth is that our current world situation is a highly competitive one where digitization and automation are increasingly leading the charge. Companies from all sectors of the economy recognize this opportunity and are fixated on innovation and the digitization of their activities.

Technological innovations such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) allow companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors, increase their profitability and productivity – or whatever public-sector goal they looking to achieve – because it gives them the most accurate and complete information for sound decision making.

When you consider the value of the organization/consumer relationship, the role of technology is crucial. Big data and AI have been game-changers in the scaled collection and rapid analysis of data on user behavior. By knowing the consumer – their wants and their concerns – and understanding the population’s needs, organizations can make relevant and timely decisions in a rapidly changing environment. 

Change should focus on improving services, offerings, and generating value. Digital adaptation usually involves an initial investment, but the long term benefits save money and resources in the long run. Adopting innovative technology will generate lower costs in the future, will allow for a quick adaptation to changes, and will achieve better results. 

Impact Report 2019

Impact report

Do you want to know how we have helped to create better policies, more effective budgets and earlier interventions with Artificial Intelligence?


The reality is that advanced technology and artificial intelligence have been around for decades. AI has revolutionized the access of people around the world to the knowledge, credit and other advantages that contemporary global society has. Such access has contributed to a massive reduction in global inequality and extreme poverty, for example, by allowing farmers to know fair prices and the most profitable crops and giving them access to accurate weather forecasts.

It’s this need for technological advancement to succeed that drives Citibeats’ innovation and offerings. We know that people’s opinions can help decision-makers act faster and more effectively so that resources can be allocated to where they will be most effective. 

We also know that traditional methods of collecting opinions (e.g. surveys) are slow and costly and that new sources of text data are hard to analyze at scale. 

With AI technology and Natural Language Processing, Citibeats can collect public opinions at a massive scale by connecting to public sources and data from clients –  such as call helpline transcriptions, CRMs, chatbots and more. The AI then analyzes these opinions – up to thousands per day – and sorts them into actionable insights via dashboards, reports and alerts that policymakers and decision-makers can access and use.

In the end, the benefits of AI are extremely valuable:

  1. Reduced feedback collection time and reduced costs 
  2. Increased population and geographical coverage 
  3. Systematic inclusion of people’s opinions in the decision-making process 

The results so far have been extremely positive. When it comes to social impact, the policies and investments of our clients have become more people-centered and more responsive to social needs. This means more social impact per dollar spent, as well as more fund allocation for these needs.

So far, we’ve seen:  


For more detailed results broken down by initiatives conducted around the world, please download our Impact Report.

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