The Ethical Artificial Intelligence of Citibeats Expands into Latin America with Analytics 10

Citibeats, an ethical platform that analyses social risks, and Analytics 10, an advanced analytics and big data consultancy firm based in Chile, have formed a business partnership to roll out services in Latin America.
Their joint mission is to create data-driven solutions for the mining, energy, tourism, retail, financial services and public services sectors of Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

Barcelona, ​​January X – Citibeats and Analytics 10 (A1o) have signed a business agreement that will strengthen Citibeats’ expansion plans in Latin America and consolidate A10’s technology services, business development and data stack. The promising strategic alliance will facilitate the creation of new projects that evaluate social risks in the region using the ethical artificial intelligence of the Citibeats platform.

The recipient of a United Nations award, Citibeats is a social risk analysis platform that uses ethical artificial intelligence technology to analyze large volumes of data in any language, classify that data, and draw relevant conclusions from the various topics of conversation. 

Thanks to the platform, it is now possible to identify in real time actionable information on the needs or demands of the population. In this way, organizations and governments can provide a quick response to problem areas, saving both money and lives. It has been deemed an ethical platform because the collected information is always aggregated and anonymized, thus avoiding the identification of individual users. Moreover, the use of proprietary algorithms circumvents data bias, ensuring the representativeness of the analyzed information.

“Citibeats technology will help us expand our technology and service offerings, allowing us to meet the needs of our Latin American clients. The platform’s ethical approach ensures the responsible use of information with a real impact on society,” says Cristóbal Urenda, founding partner of A10.

In the last four years, Citibeats technology has been used in 32 projects, covering 40 countries. Its analysis of more than 400 million opinions has influenced budgetary decisions worth a total of $500 million.

The Inter-American Development Bank Group, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Development Program, the ONCE Foundation, CaixaBank and Telefónica already employ Citibeats technology in various human data analysis projects to understand and respond to the needs of their focus-areas. Citibeats-run data observatories have helped identify critical social needs in exceptional situations. For example, Citibeats partnered with NTT Data to aid the response to the 2019 Japanese floods,  and with the IDB and the public observatory of citizen perception CivicLytics to cover the Covid-19 pandemic in the 26 countries of Latin America.

Analytics 10 is a consultancy that helps organizations make smart, data-driven decisions. Its mission is to translate information into concrete actions. With over 700 clients in Latin America, its team of more than 150 workers is able to provide customized analytical solutions in a fast, efficient and transformative way. Its diverse portfolio of tools and services now welcomes a partnership with Citibeats.

“A10’s experience in the sector, its market expertise and shared vision for the ethical use of technology enable our expansion in a market with excellent development opportunities,” says Ivan Caballero, CEO of Citibeats.

The strategic alliance has a great potential for success, with the partnership set to deliver technology and consultancy to clients with an increasing demand for complex and real-time social data analysis.

“Our business development plan for 2021 is to generate income by implementing new social data analysis projects in partnership with Citibeats technology,” says Cristóbal Urenda, founding partner of A10.

A10 and Citibeats are looking to develop solutions for the mining, energy, retail, tourism, financial services and public services sectors of Mexico, Chile and Brazil. The muscle and market knowledge of A10, combined with the disruptive technology of Citibeats – a company that has tripled the number of its clients in a single year – promises to be a winning formula.