Public Sector

This is the era of Smart Cities, and people are their vital core. Cities and governments can leverage the opinions of their smart citizens to respond faster and assign resources where it matters most.

City Pulse

smart cities

Citizens share their views on mobility, health, education, social inclusion and more online every day. They are constantly changing as their city changes. The best cities are responsive and put their citizens’ views at the heart of everything they do.

Tourism Pulse

smart cities tourism

Tourists’ opinions are defining the future of travel. It’s these opinions that drive visitor numbers and people’s spending – and have essentially replaced travel agents’ advice. Therefore, to achieve better forecasts and revenues, they need to be understood and utilized better and quicker.

SDGs Monitor


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the defining framework for global progress. By adding human voices as a measure of the goals, we can provide a viewpoint that is real-time, subjective, and localized to complement traditional measures.


smart cities

This transparency offers the chance to create a truly responsive market based on early warnings that result in faster responses to emerging investigation-worthy issues.

Hate Speech Monitor

hate speech

Sadly, online hate speech is all too prominent. But by measuring it, it’s possible to build compelling evidence that can unlock resources and inform existing local programs to help mitigate the issues.

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