Financial Services

People’s opinions are valuable early sensors of how trust and risk are constantly changing. Adding this alternative data can provide a faster viewpoint on financing risks, customer loyalty, or compliance.

Societal Risks Monitor

monitoring and evaluation for disaster response

The real world is hard to predict–environmental disasters, political turbulence and rapid social change can come out of nowhere. Modelling how people feel after these critical events helps you calculate risk and mitigate faster.

Compliance Monitor

financial services

Every day, your customer service teams deal with large volumes of interactions–and only very few of these could be critical to the compliance of the business. Discover and flag these earlier with AI as an extra safety net.

Service Quality Monitor

social listening

Making sense of qualitative feedback at scale every day is the richest way to improve services and products today. Base your decisions on the decision-makers who really matter–customers!

Product Positioning

financial services

Your dozens of products across lending, accounts, insurance and more are competing in a sea of ever-evolving products, with feedback spread across thousands of forums. Gaining a clear picture can help you see where you are today, and where the needs of the market are going.

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