Custom Solutions

Every organisation and context is different–our clients are constantly applying our AI in new and innovative ways for their challenges. Since Citibeats is flexible and fast to adapt to any context, we’ll be happy to support you to develop how social early warning signs could help your organisation be more reactive to people’s needs.

Critical Event Detection

monitoring and evaluation for disaster response

The real world moves very fast–and people are often the fastest sensor of this change. Once you define the concepts you want to react to, Citibeats will automatically discover these incidents and alert you whenever there is an anomaly.

Perception Mapping

social listening

Traditional data analytics often tell us the hard facts: sales numbers, visitor footfall, new customer acquisitions. But hard facts are often preceded by soft perceptions–qualitative opinions that people share online. By mapping these shifting perceptions across time and geography, it is possible to angle your strategy according to where and when it can be most effective.

Service Quality Monitor

social listening

Understanding the feedback of your users is the fastest way to improve what you do. Defining the topics of feedback that you want to monitor, and segmenting feedback by geography, enables you to improve your service where it is needed most.

Social Trends Detection

social listening

Social trends are the fundamental drivers that organisations need to respond to–but are often hard to measure. By creating an observatory using text analytics, it is possible to detect, quantify and validate these trends so you can make data-driven decisions about them.

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