Theory of change

Back to the Blog What does The Theory Of Change mean? The change part of the concept represents the change, i.e., the alteration an institution or organization desires to make

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Thoughts from the CEO

Social Impact of AI. A possible scenario.

Back to the Blog “Artificial Intelligence heralds dramatic potential for growth for both the economy and for humans.” It’s projected that labor productivity will increase 40% due to the impact of AI technologies

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The Company

Using AI as a Business Ally

Back to the Blog In modern-day living, we don’t have to look very hard to see artificial intelligence in action. One voice command, “Alexa, play my workout playlist”, makes consumer-selected

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artificial intelligence
Citibeats Academy

An ‘unequal’ World of Data

Back to the Blog This is the second post from Marc’s series about Artificial Intelligence, you can read the first one ‘AI, an innovation from the 2nd century B.C.’ here. AI’s

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smart cities
Citibeats Academy

The City Speaks

Back to the Blog Turning #hashtags into action: Understanding citizen concerns Citizens are the individual units of a city. While an isolated citizen may be powerless in reshaping the status

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