Helping Policy-Makers Craft a Future-Proof Tourism Strategy

There’s no denying the role big data plays in our world today. Its potential, when properly leveraged, can have far-ranging positive effects on society.

This has become particularly crucial in 2021 – and beyond. 

2020 was a year full of unprecedented events. As the coronavirus swept across the globe, governments and policy-makers found themselves in unchartered waters. 

With countries sealing borders and thousands of flights getting wiped out, one of the hardest-hit industries has been tourism. No doubt – the impact of the coronavirus will be felt for years to come. 

Now, as vaccines get rolled out and the light at the end of this long tunnel intensifies, the road to recovery begins. As policy-makers in tourism, you need to ensure that you have a future-proof strategy in place. 

How many business travelers will there be post-pandemic? With the rise of videoconferences, will companies continue to send employees on business trips?

Are travelers tilting more towards adventure tourism or eco? What changed, and why?

Answering these questions (and more) effectively requires leveraging data insights.

At Citibeats, our big data technology empowers decision-makers and relevant stakeholders by guiding them to create effective strategies to revitalize their tourism industry. 

In this article, we’ll explain how our real-time data can help to detect tourism trends. This way, you’re equipped with the information you need to plan for the upcoming travel “norm.”

Predicting Tourism Trends With Citibeats

Each region’s tourism board has its own perceptions of travel safety. This, however, may not be an accurate reflection of reality. Even with surveys being conducted, by the time results pour in, there may have been further developments to deem them inaccurate.

Yes, the hard facts do reflect a certain actuality – how many cases a region has had, how many people are vaccinated, what safety measures are in place, and so on. 

These do play a role in decision-making as governments look to open up tourism and boost their economy. But beyond them lie countless vantage points. Whether citizens travel, where they’ll travel to, and how – these are largely determined by their own perceptions.

Understanding them at scale and in real-time is key to revitalizing tourism, and this is exactly where Citibeats comes into play.

We turn people’s opinions into actionable data by combining the latest technological advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). In scanning the internet for the latest chatter using our ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’ll unlock social big data analysis about human behavior and turn it into actionable insights.

Our technology can:

Examples of some of the internet sources we can connect to are travel websites like Tripadvisor and, social media platforms such as Twitter, news, blogs, forums, review sites, and more. 

You can also use our API to weigh your own data sets against the text data our technology collects.

With our real-time data, you’re equipped with a first-hand and on-the-ground look at citizens’ main concerns. Our continuous monitoring of pre-defined categories also helps to detect anomalies, activity peaks, and other crucial events so you can act immediately and accordingly.

All this, in turn, provides insights into the most pressing concerns you’re currently facing:

With this, decision-makers understand what really matters to citizens on a large scale and in real-time. By placing their voices at the forefront of public decision-making, you can give citizens exactly what they want and inject life right back into your tourism sector.

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Quantifying and Charting Travelers’ Opinions

Our interactive dashboard is populated with real-time data, represented by visual charts that are attractive and easy to digest.

Not only can we quantify the national travel propensity (the likelihood of locals traveling within your own country), but we can also tell you what other destinations travelers from neighboring countries intend to visit – and whether that’s yours.

This can also be further filtered by the type of tourism: cultural tourism, backpacking, business tourism, adventure tourism, etc.

That’s not all – specifics matter. We further classify the perceptions of these travel destinations into more detailed sub-categories: safety, travel restrictions, economy, events, and hospitality. 

Benchmarking New Tourism Demand

The coronavirus pandemic has effectuated changes so immense that travelers’ needs and demands have taken a huge turn. 

In many aspects, what may have been deemed popular and even “normal” a year and a half ago may have completely changed. 

The tourism sector is no exception to this. 

This means that policies and strategies that may have worked for you before may no longer be as effective – or at all – going forward.

Aside from having a full view of current travel trends, it’s also important to understand how citizens’ expectations have changed from a pre-COVID-19 world. 

Our platform can provide you with the insights you need. Not only do we benchmark the data collected against pre-COVID-19 norms within your own local tourism jurisdiction, but we also do that for your geographic competitors. 

These social signals help to detect leading indicators of where opportunities to attract tourists lie and any shifts in perceptions of your destinations so you can reposition yourself effectively.

Use Citibeats’s Social Data To Take Action

The early bird catches the worm. 

There’s truth in this age-old adage. 

One of the biggest advantages we offer is a headstart on your competitors. Citibeats’s technology can get you the data you need to start strategizing as early as 30 days before traditional methods like the media, polls, and surveys.

Such early detection allows policy-makers to anticipate and manage emerging risks. This way, you can get cracking on resolving any critical issues that may curtail your plan. 

Practical Example: How To Use Citibeats To Stimulate Tourism

Here’s a practical example of how you can use Citibeats for better tourism policy-making.

As mentioned, one insight our data offers is the evolving tourist expectations.

This provides information about what sort of activities travelers may be seeking and their main concerns, which can direct you towards either implementing new initiatives and campaigns or pushing existing ones. 

For instance, falling perception of travel safety in your country could indicate a need for a marketing strategy aimed at putting these sentiments of unease to rest.

Changes in demand for certain types of tourism could also steer you towards where extra effort and manpower is needed for a boost.

Is there a rising interest in ecotourism? Consider promoting tours and trips to national parks to feed into this. 

Perhaps there’s a fall in leisure tourism. Offer incentives such as price bundles for hotel accommodation and city tours could help to attract leisure travelers.

These are just a few practical ways you can leverage the power of Citibeats to discover new and rising tourism trends for more constructive decision-making. 

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