COVID-19 impact on
Public Administration

Citizen behavior trends and predictions based on big data.

It’s an accepted truth that COVID 19 and public administration are closely tied when it comes to the most recent public policy concerns. The global pandemic has changed the world – the way citizens think, how they act, and what they consider to be the greatest priorities. For public administration, understanding what these new priorities are is essential to better serve the people.

When it comes to getting the best understanding of the impact of COVID 19 on the public sector, there’s no more efficient solution than Ethical Artificial Intelligence technology. Through the Citibeats’ platform, citizens’ opinions can be extracted and used for actionable insights in real time, allowing for faster and more efficient action on behalf of public leaders.

In this report, we take a deep-dive into social data research conducted in Spain to better understand how COVID 19 and public administration need to be analyzed in order to prompt the most relevant solutions. The analysis not only reveals what citizens are most concerned about but highlights significant details about social perspectives – like pre and post-quarantine mentality and fears about the new normal.

There’s also breakthrough information about changes in citizen behavior, specifically in regards to behavior towards other human beings and their own communities. The data further reveals that are specific keys that are needed to gain access to people’s trust if we are to move forward and thrive as a global community. Public administration and COVID 19 are most definitely not separate entities that should be siloed – the connection must be recognized and understood, and appropriate action must be taken.

We’ve already seen how using AI and machine learning can serve the greater good. For the Smart Dublin project, the local government has been using the Citibeats’ artificial intelligence platform to collect information about a variety of social issues – like pollution, housing, and homelessness. This information is used tactically as input for decisions and for how budgets are allocated to address these public service issues.

Spain and Japan have used this same technology to improve natural disaster response, thus saving time, money, and lives. The use cases are many and have all proven to provide tremendous value to society at large. During the COVID 19 global crisis, the world is in need of attention, consideration, and care more than ever.

After looking at the detailed approach and findings of the COVID 19 and Public Administration report, we believe you’ll agree that It’s vital that public administration software include advanced technology like AI and machine learning. We’ll all be in better hands with public officials who are prepared and well-equipped to serve.

What’s inside…

Global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which your citizens think and dramatically shifted their top priorities. If you’re working in the public administration, you may wonder what will be the impact of the lockdown on residents: do they feel enthusiastic about the next steps and willing to go back to normality? Do they go out with hope or fear? What are their main fears and how you, as a government, can help them to feel safer and more secure?

In this free report, by request only, you will get the essential insights:

– What citizens find essential in the new normality
– How will their behaviour change in respect to their community
– Which are the keys to gain their trust in post-pandemic reality

COVID-19 impact on citizens

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