About us

We are applying Citibeats to impact in areas related to sustainable development, financial inclusion, natural disaster response, social policy and hate speech policy–and we’re just scratching the surface. We are building an ethical AI!

Over the next three years, our goal is to influence $2 billion in budgets for efforts that have not previously taken the voice of citizens into account. By giving a face–and a voice–to the numbers, we aim to bring humanity back into decision-making–a factor which has been overlooked for far too long.

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Our values



Human impulse that oscillates between the rude and the sublime. This superpower is an engine of endless growth.



Our success is measured in the millions of lives we impact positively. We are doers committed with a better society.



We dare to be excellent, powerful, to use our strength in the service of an ambitious vision of the future.


Our technology has been awarded and recognised by several institutions at the forefront of technological innovation and social good.

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Our ethics

When you enter the realm of human data, you touch areas of personal information, privacy, representativity and bias–areas which are very ethically sensitive.

Our mission is to improve societies based on people’s needs–from day 1, we’ve been designing with these ethical considerations top of mind. You can read more about how we do it on our blog.

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