The new round of investments represents a great opportunity for Citibeats. Thanks to the support of our investors - which include multilateral banks and industry leaders with extensive experience in the US and LATAM markets - we will be able to bring forward our mission and become a reference as a social understanding solution developer. The successful use cases we’ve worked on during these years are a confirmation of how reliable, transparent, and precise our proprietary NLP and ML technology is. Our platform can guarantee to deliver huge quantities of data of great quality, in real time. These investments will support our expansion across LATAM, and the US and consolidate our presence in APAC and EMEA.”

Ivan Caballero, CEO at Citibeats

Understand how Society Changes in Real Time

Citibeats’ platform allows our clients to detect changes in society earlier than any other traditional survey method or the media. “Changes” can be interpreted as potential risks, but also as opportunities for governments, authorities, and also private companies to act with a positive social impact.

Our technology detects and analyzes complex and constantly evolving narratives about multifaceted topics. The complexity of the narratives monitored is determined by the sheer amount of data collected and, at the same time, by the analysis of multifaceted topics that involve a whole world of related subtopics and citizens’ opinions, feelings, and ideas.

During my professional trajectory, I have worn different hats, but have always remained adamant and steady in my approach to work and life: my commitment to values like integration, diversity, sustainability, kindness, and compassion. When we founded Citibeats, we had in mind to create something that would bring together technology and innovation in full respect of those values. Citibeats is to me just a perfect example of how we can bring humanity back at the center of economic, political, and social decision-making”,

Ivan Caballero, CEO at Citibeats

What makes AI ethical?

Citibeats offers its customers a unique ethical approach. As we used to say, behind every data, there are people. And precisely these personalized data are our focus. We specialize in data representativity to measure underrepresented demographics, bias reduction, and noise reduction. We respect the privacy and interpret collective, not individual data for ethical purposes only with a positive social impact. Contrary to social media monitors or brand monitors, our technology is designed to understand society with a strong focus on societal trends and emerging risks. Our goal is to help decision-makers make the right choice not only from a financial point of view but also and especially from a human standpoint. 

Predicting the present to shape the future

During the last three years, Citibeats has informed over $1 billion in social risk mitigation decisions, both in the public and private sectors, being able to detect early warning signs in social fast-changing environments. CivicLytics (the citizens’ Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean created in collaboration with IDB) and the EARS project (the World Health Organization’s social listening platform to show real-time information about how people are talking about COVID-19 online to better manage the evolution of the infodemic and the pandemic) are just two of the company’s most impactful use cases.

Citibeats is proud to collaborate with global entities like IDB and WHO to address social issues and epochal changes as the biggest pandemic of our lives. Both projects are great examples of how Citibeats’ technology can help governments and organizations understand citizens’ perceptions and concerns to improve their public policies and projects by including people’s needs in their decision-making process. 

We are growing fast, with recent new hirings in the Product, Technology and Business Development departments, and expanding our activity worldwide. We also have just released a new version of our product that improves even further the social understanding capacity of our platform. Our goal is to empower any institution or organization with a qualitative and temporal edge that traditional survey methods or the media are not providing early enough to be useful. At Citibeats, we are creating the background for a new, ethical, responsive, and inclusive way to highlight any social change.”

Harry Wilson, Chief Product Officer at Citibeats

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