Citibeats pilot launched at Smart City Expo World Congress

smart city expo
Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, according to the UN. This number is growing: by 2050, at least two thirds of us will live in cities. Urban population growth brings opportunities for shared services and new kinds of community. But it also creates challenges.

How can we make sure our cities share resources, engage citizens and stay connected as they grow?

The answer is: by making them smart. The smart cities movement is about giving urban areas the “technology to solve issues for themselves and the people they represent”, using digital innovation to make cities better places to live and work.
In November 2017, Barcelona hosted the Smart City Expo World Congress. Over 700 cities were represented, and the best of smart city technology. From interdisciplinary laboratories like CitizenLab, to digital research centers like i2Cat and bikeshare solutions Urbikes, the most innovative urban projects came together under the motto: “Empower Cities. Empower People”.
It was the ideal time for us to introduce Citibeats, designed to give city authorities worldwide the power to listen to their citizens and truly respond to their concerns.
Smart cities need smart leaders. Governments who understand their communities will make more intelligent decisions. Citibeats collects and analyzes data from online platforms to create the Citibeats dashboard: a dynamic visual map of citizens’ concerns, which changes as problems get resolved and new ones emerge. Citibeats creates more responsive, inclusive and vibrant cities.
At Smart City Expo World Congress, we selected the first cities and organizations who will use our Citibeats pilot from now until March 2018. Some of the cities and projects excited to partner with Citibeats include  Cork city and Doxa.

A game changer in empowering smart cities

In March 2018, we look forward to launching the commercial version. We’ll be at Mobile World Congress from 26 Feb – 1 March 2018 (Barcelona), ready to show you how it works and how the pilots went.
Come say hi, or send us an email to arrange a meeting. Let’s make smarter cities, together!

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